Job Opportunity (2022 PDRF)

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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cosmology and Complexity at NAS, Mahidol University in Nakhonsawan, Thailand

Announced: 25 June 2022
Closing date: 20 August 2022


Job description: Centre for Theoretical Physics and Natural Philosophy (NAS) would like to invite applications for two postdoctoral positions.


One position will be in cosmology with a particular focus on dark energy and modified gravity models. The candidate should have a PhD in either physics or in astrophysics with strong expertise and knowledge in both the theoretical and observational aspects of cosmology.


Another position will be offered in complexity. The candidate should have a PhD in Physics with a prior experience in time series and network analysis together with a strong practical programming skill in statistical and/or machine learning data analysis.


Initially, the position will be offered for one year and can be extended for two more years. Upon satisfactory performance, it may lead to a tenure track position.


We invite interested candidates to submit their expression of interest by sending an email to Prof. Burin Gumjudpai  (burin.gum”at” (cc to janejira.ket”at” ) with the following documents;

  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. A research proposal not longer than two pages
  3. Three letters of recommendation

    Centre for Theoretical Physics and Natural Philosophy “Nakhonsawan Studiorum for Advanced Studies” (NAS) is a newly established research centre under the Mahidol University in Nakhonsawan, Thailand. It is dedicated to research in theoretical physics e.g. cosmology, high energy physics and complexity. Currently, there are five faculty members, and the centre expects to expand upto fifteen faculty members and five postdoctoral fellows together with a number of PhD students.