NAS Cosmology Journal Club – Season 4

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Event on Tuesday 16.30-17.30 online and on-site
at NAS Temporary Office, Science Lab. Bld. , Mahidol University, Nakhonsawan Campus

Organizer: Dr. Nandan Roy

Previous Lists of Discussion [Season 1, Season 2, Season 3]

Discussion: Holographic Dark energy, H0 Tension, and σ8 Tension.

No Date  Discussion Leader Topic Reference
1 22/06/2022  Phichayoot Baisiri Holographic warm inflation   Mohammadi, Abolhassan. “Holographic warm inflation.” Physical Review D 104.12 (2021): 123538.
2 27/06/2022 Amornthep Tita Holographic dark energy model and scalar-tensor theories Bisabr, Yousef. “Holographic dark energy model and scalar-tensor theories.” General Relativity and Gravitation 41, no. 2 (2009): 305-313.
3 12/07/2022 Candrasyah
On inflation with non-minimal coupling. Hertzberg, Mark P. “On inflation with non-minimal coupling.” Journal of High Energy Physics 2010, no. 11 (2010): 1-14.
4 26/07/2022 Nandan Roy Cosmic acceleration from first principles. Garcia-Bellido, Juan, and Llorenc Espinosa-Portales. “Cosmic acceleration from first principles.” Physics of the Dark Universe 34 (2021): 100892.