Euler’s Clinic

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Euler’s Clinic is an activity to strengthen basic academic knowledge of NAS students, such as undergraduate mathematics, physics and statistics knowledge and skills. The activity is run in form of friendly discussion on some chosen topics that students need to know. All NAS students are welcome.

The Euler’s Clinic is run by Dr. Manabendra Sharma (Lecturer and Ph.D. Academic Tutor). It is scheduled to run 8 slots/term.

The topics to be covered are decided after interaction with students. Mostly the clinic is supposed to deal with areas where students need particular attention. The idea is to encourage students to interact and express their concerns in undergraduate topics in physics and related areas and explore with lively discussion beyond the walls of classroom teaching.


As the name suggests the first meeting might be on Euler-Lagrange equation and its application in physics and mathematics. (Stay tuned!)

Location: The Quad or Cafe Principia 
Day and Time: Wednesday @ 3pm

Dirac Term:

Date Topics
 26/07/2023  Euler-Lagrange Equation
 09/08/2023  Hamiltonian Formulation
 23/08/2023  Microscopic and Macroscopic system
 13/09/2023  Concept of Probability
 27/09/2023  Cyclic coordinates and conservation
 19/10/2023  Generating Function, Canonical Transformation
 19/10/2023  Eigen value problem

Sciama’s term:

The Euler Clinic for Sciama’s term is resumed from 2nd February 2024. The current regular students visiting the clinic are M.S.  Phusuda Thanankullapong  and  M.S. Divya Gupta. 

         Date          Topics
 02/02/2024  Concept of Manifold
 Mid week, Feb  Vector Field
 Last week, Feb  Metric
 1st Week, March  Differential Form
 2nd Week, March  Covariant Differentiation
 3rd Week March  Curvature
 4th Week March Gram Schmidt Theorem
 April  Time for Exam-preparation !

Clinic’s  album:


Manbendra Sharma