Manbendra Sharma

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What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean–Isac Newton


Welcome to my page. To introduce myself, I am a theoretical physicist working in the interface of quantum gravity and quantum cosmology. To give a glimpse of it, gravity is the most dominant force in the universe at large scale but the one that is least understood. Around three hundred fifty years ago seeing an apple fall before him, Newton proposed the universal law of gravitation. This states that the law that makes the apple fall on the surface of the earth is same as the law that governs the motion of the moon, earth and all celestial bodies. This was big leap of thought at that time. It was a statement of unification and “symmetry” in nature. And around hundred years ago Einstein showed that gravity arises as a result of general covariance, a symmetry statement indeed which we know today as General Theory of Relativity.

The story does not end there. A school of thought says that gravity, on its own right, must be quantized like other three fundamental forces. In essence, the underlying symmetries of general relativity must find its quantum analogue. And loop quantum gravity (LQG) is a tentative candidate to find the quantum analogue of Riemannian space in Dirac sense.

Using the framework of LQG, I work on the symmetry reduced quantum corrected dynamics of spacetime as applied to early universe, generally called loop quantum cosmology. One of the astounding results of these models is the resolution of singularity. To say it in a more creative way…perhaps,  the “apple” doesn’t “fall” at the minuscule scale.

Research Interest
:  Loop Quantum Gravity, Loop Quantum Cosmology, Polymer Quantum Mechanics. 

Work Experience:

  • Lecturer: NAS, Mahidol University Nakhonsawan Campus, February/2023-present.
  • Visiting Research Fellow: IUCAA Pune, India, August/2022-February 2023.
  • Visiting Research Fellow:  Zhejiang University of Technology Hangzhou, China, November/2019-April/2020.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow: Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, China, April/2017-November/2019.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow: IISER-Mohali, India,  March/2016-March/2017.


List of Publication

‪Manabendra Sharma‬ – ‪Google Scholar‬

Publication with NAS affiliation:

1. Gaurav Bhandari, S.D. Pathak, Manabendra Sharma, Anzhong Wang. Quantum deformed phantom dynamics in the light of generalized uncertainty principle.   arXiv:2404.09049v1.

2. Sharma, Manabendra, Gustavo S. Vicente, Leila L. Graef, Rudnei O. Ramos, and Anzhong Wang. “Quantum geometric formulation of Brans-Dicke theory for Bianchi I spacetime.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2309.01080 (2023).

3. Patil, Trupti, Sukanta Panda, Manabendra Sharma, and Ruchika. “Dynamics of interacting scalar field model in the realm of chiral cosmology.” The European Physical Journal C 83, no. 2 (2023): 131.

4. Kumar, Devanarayanan Rajeeb, Nibedita Chowdhury, S. D. Pathak, Umang Kumar, Manabendra Sharma, and Vikash Kumar Ojha. “An extensive analysis of Schwarzschild exterior solution.” Journal of High Energy Astrophysics 36 (2022): 111-119.

5. Sharma, Manabendra, Shankar Dayal Pathak, and Shiyuan Li. “Nonsingular bouncing model in closed and open universe.” In Physical Sciences Forum, vol. 7, no. 1, p. 49. MDPI, 2023.

Teaching activities at NAS:

  • NWTP512 Quantum Mechanics (To commence from January/2023)
  • NWTP 521 Thermodynamics and Phase Transitions (Dirac semester, 2023)
  • Group Theory and Symmetry (Taught at NAS-MUNA camp, July 2023)

Seminars at NAS:

1. KT-Seminar on 06/03/2023: “Pre-inflationary background dynamics of Loop Quantum Cosmology”.

2. KT-Seminar on 04/12/2023: “Quantum Cosmology a la Polymerization”

Central Activities at NAS:

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